We offer a broad and balanced curriculum providing exciting learning opportunities for all the children in the school. Click here to see detailed curriculum plans.


tech-day5-yr3We follow a thematic approach using the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Themes match those of the National Curriculum and enable us to link subjects together. One of the topics we cover is chocolate! So, for example, the children learn about where cocoa beans come from (geography), what happens when the cocoa beans are made into chocolate (science), the costs involved (maths), the design of the packaging for the different chocolate products (design and technology) and how the processes have changed over the years (history). English and Maths are taught separately as discreet subjects but also linked to the theme as far as possible. We use first-hand experience as much as possible: so having designed and made the packaging for the chocolate, for example, as well as doing a taste comparison (always popular!) they then display their findings through graphs and spreadsheets.

Drumming-Workshop-June-2015-detailMusic is often linked to the themes as is PE but these subjects are also taught as discrete subjects. We follow the Northamptonshire Syllabus for RE with a focus on Christianity but the children are also taught about the other main world religions.

All classes have interactive whiteboards and one PC. We also have a class set of portable laptops that the children are able to use – not only to learn IT skills, but also to enhance their learning by presenting their ideas in different ways, researching or modelling.

Yardley Gobion School has its own kiln and a pond. The Foundation Stage has an outdoor learning area which is used every day to enrich the children’s experiences.

yardelyvisitVisitors are welcomed into school as often as possible to work with the children. These include artists, science teachers and authors. We also take the children on extra-curricular visits to reinforce what we have been learning about in school – to art galleries, museums, Silverstone etc. We have a residential visit for KS2 children every two years.

We teach the children about keeping themselves safe and this includes internet safety.

Yardley Gobion School is proud of its awards. These include Healthy School’s Award, Anti-bullying Accreditation (Foundation Stage), Active Schools Mark and, most recently, the full International School’s Award. We are involved in an art project with the Milton Keynes Art Gallery and are also taking part in the Cricket-4National Gallery’s ‘Take One Picture’ project. We are part of a British Council Comenius Project which links us with other schools across Europe, writing collaboratively with the children from these schools.

We broaden the curriculum further by offering after-school clubs, such as basketball, football, art, cookery, karate and German culture (we have a Comenius Assistant from Germany working in school for six months).