Great surveys!

We were delighted with the very positive responses from the whole school community which we received in response to our short survey. Thank you to everyone who took part for all your support and kind comments.

Parents said: 

I am extremely pleased with my child’s learning. The school/teachers have bought out the best in her. Such a wonderful school.

My son is very happy and enthusiastic about coming to school.

I am really pleased with now much happier my daughter is since moving to this school and how much she has improved with her work since being here.

Really happy with the new energy and ideas from Mrs G. Love the annual event planner, Twitter updates and Friday assemblies are really energised!

Pupils said:

All the teachers here are able to talk to me if I need them.
I am happy coming to school.
I think this is a good place.
I like it when Mrs Griffiths does assembly.