Spring Newsletter 2018

The whole school has been incredibly busy and this is just a snapshot of the work that has been going on in school this term.

Reception children have really enjoyed decorating their Easter egg cups ready to be filled with chocolate eggs.

In science with Mrs McGarrity, Year 1 children have been exploring different materials and their properties, which has been great fun. In literacy with Mrs Parker, children have been learning about clothes from around the world, looking at different countries’ national dress and writing information books about it. As well as that, they’ve been thinking about their clothes and what they wear for different occasions.

Year 2 invited Beth Stone to talk to our class about plants animals. Miss Stone is our new school governor and is an education officer at the Natural History Museum in London.

We learned all about what plants and animals need to survive. We then took part in an activity to compose a food chain using picture cards but we were not allowed to talk. We could only communicate with each other through our eyes and hand gestures.

Year 3 and 4 have continued to enjoy finding out about ‘Chocolate’ as our topic work. They produced some fabulous project homework – including some of their own chocolate for everyone else to taste! To end our topic we are now researching different types of chocolate to design our own bars – taking into account what is already available and conducting a survey to see the type of things people like in chocolate. They have learned about Fair-trade and child slavery, thought about what this means and the role consumers play in this.

Years 5 and 6 Have been busy trying out the new movie camera and green screen.  They have had great fun and will be using it to create documentaries.

They thoroughly enjoyed learning to ballroom dance and performed for their parents.

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