Wonderful SATS results!

Congratulations to our wonderful Year 6 pupils (leavers in July 2017) who achieved amazing results in their SATS.

Yardley Gobion School is ranked at number 33 in the top 1,000 primary schools in the country, according to tables released by the Department of Education. (The Daily Telegraph has a ranked table here.) Yardley is also placed at number 3 in Northamptonshire. These are absolutely brilliant results and we couldn’t be prouder of our pupils and the dedicated staff who ensured that our pupils achieved their full potential.

We have received a letter of congratulation from the Rt. Hon. Nick Gibb MP, Minister of State for School Standards.

All of Yardley’s Year 6 pupils – 100% – achieved the expected standard or above for English reading, writing, spelling and grammar, and maths. The national average is 61%.

The full results are:

Reading 100% expected +
45% achieved greater depth with progress of 3.

Grammar and spelling 100% expected +
27% greater depth

Writing 100% expected +
18% greater depth with progress of 1.2

Maths 100% expected +
36% achieved greater depth with progress of 2.0