Newsletter Autumn 2017







Reception went to the Rec to collect leaves.  They looked at the trees and the different colours of the leaves.

Year 1

What a fantastic first term we’ve had in Year 1! The children have worked so hard to learn lots of new and wonderful things! In maths we made clocks and I’m proud to say that every child in Year 1 can now tell the time to the hour. At the beginning of term, each child was given a number buddy, which helped to secure their number knowledge. In literacy children spent a lot of time comparing fiction and non-fiction books.

Our mental health awareness day was amazing! We read the story Silly Billy and made Worry Dolls, to help us when we’re feeling a bit anxious. As well as that, Year 6 kindly made us Worry Bugs, with the idea that if feels good to do kind things for people.

Year 2

We are enjoying being in Year 2 and the many challenges that this poses; we are rising to the many responsibilities we now have.

Year 2 enjoyed the visit to church for the ‘Harvest’ Experience. We enjoyed all the activities and we listened really well and we were able to talk about our experiences when we got back to school.

We are enjoying our violin and cello lessons with Mrs Hubble. She is teaching us how to work as a team and play together. We are already able to play simple tunes and keep to a steady beat while we play.

We have enjoyed the taster sessions that we have taken part in this term; we have learned new skills and worked hard at playing as a team.

Years 3 and 4

Year 3 and 4 have been very busy this term. They have been  composing their own pieces of music using percussion instruments, exploring music as a language and way of expressing feelings.

In maths Year 3 have been sorting 2D shapes and Year 4 have been making 3D shapes.

Years 5 and 6

On Thursday 12th October, as part of mental health awareness day, Year 5 and 6 made some worry pets as part of a design technology lesson. The children thought it would be a nice idea to donate their pets to the young children in the school so if they ever felt anxious they can cuddle them and feel better.